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Robert Jordan

  • (Tor)
  • by Robert Jordan
  • Foreign Rights:

    Croatia - Hangar 7
    France - Bragelonne
    Germany - Piper Verlag

    Greece - Fantastikos Kosmos
    Holland - Luitingh-Sijthoff
    Italy - Fanucci Editore
    Poland - Zysk i s-ka
    Lagune - Serbia
    Planeta - Spain
    U.K. - Tor

  • From the legendary creator of THE WHEEL OF TIME, Robert Jordan, comes this never-before published fantasy novel. 

    The watering holes of the Plain are drying up, the fearsome fanghorn grow more numerous, and bad omens abound. Wulfgar, a leader of the Altaii people, must contend with twin queens, warlords, prophets, and magic in hopes of protecting his people and securing their future. Elspeth, the Wanderer, a visitor from another world, holds the answers, but first Wulfgar must learn to ask the right questions...

    But what if the knowledge that saves the Altaii will also destroy them?

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