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T. J. English

  • (William Morrow, Fall 2015)
  • by T. J. English
  • The true story of a murderous crime boss who survived for years with the help of his friends in the FBI. Timed for the release of the movie, "Black Mass," about Whitey Bulger.

    For sixteen years, Whitey Bulger eluded the long reach of the law. For decades one of the most dangerous men in America, Bulger was often romanticized as a Robin Hood-like thief and protector. While he was functioning as the de facto mob boss of New England, Bulger was also a top informant on other mob figures for the FBI and prosecutors - using their cover to cleverly eliminate his rivals, reinforce his own power, and protect himself from prosecution. In 2011, he was arrested in California and returned to Boston to be found guilty of racketeering and murder.

    Provides a front-row seat at the trial of infamous mobster Whitey Bulger and an intimate view of the world of organized crime - and law enforcement - that made Bulger the defining Irish American gangster. Complex, harrowing, and human, WHERE THE BODIES WERE BURIED is the last word on a reign of terror that many feared would never end. 


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