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Julianna Baggott and Steve Almond

"Sexy, funny, and touching . . . Keen insights into sex, love, and coming to terms with one's own unruly imperfections. A winner." -- Kirkus, starred review

“The writing is piercing, funny, and emotional. Baggott ... and Almond's ... collaboration makes for a delightful and robust work that readers will not be able to put down as they savor every messy confession.” – Library Journal, starred review

"Sharp humor and insights into the modern psyche pervade the book.'' –Publishers Weekly

“Coauthored by pop culture darlings Baggott and Almond, this is a surprisingly poignant and meaningful read....a no-baloney, no-holds-barred, show-me-your-soul roll in the emotional hay. No gimmick here, just a great story.” -- Booklist

“A clever and touching exploration of love and longing... an intriguing mix of funny, rueful, poignant and erotic.” -- The Hartford Courant

“Their two-sided tell-all details the pitfalls of modern love and is sprinkled with death, love, punk bands and nasty run-ins with postal carriers. Which Brings Me to You is a sure to be the most insightful and intelligently written novel you've read in quite some time.”—Bookpage

“enormously satisfying…co-authors Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott expertly capture the swooning optimism hiding in letters that are often arch or even glib….it is the bright and funny writing, even in the telling of sad stories, that makes the book great reading.”—MSNBC

“A ... charming double take on love and loss ... there’s cumulative power in this probing of heartaches.” – People Magazine

“... page-turning reading.” NPR, Here and Now, Robin Young

“... terrifically engaging.” – Entertainment Weekly


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